Put Your Head on My Shoulder Lyrics

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Lyrics

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Lyrics:

The lyrics of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” are written by Paul Anka and expressed a young man’s wish to have his girlfriend stay with him forever.

The song was released in 1959 and instantly became a popular hit, reaching number two on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The lyrics have a utopian feel to them, talking about how wonderful life would be if the couple could stay together forever.

Some of the most memorable lines

Some of the most memorable lines include:

“I need you so I can show you/ How much I care/ Please don’t ever go away.”

These lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being young and in love, when everything seems possible and you want nothing more than to be with your partner forever.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic song to share with your loved one, or simply want to reminisce about younger days, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is a perfect choice.

Gifts for Her: Romantic Gifts That Would Leave a Woman Speechless

Is your lady love the romantic type? If grand gestures and sweeping displays of affection are her things, then you’ll want to pull out all the stops to make her feel special. From flowers and chocolates to jewelry and perfume, there are plenty of ways to show your lady how much you care.

If you’re looking for something extra special, why not go for a gift that will leave her speechless? Here are some of our favorite romantic gifts that are sure to impress:

  1. A bouquet of her favorite flowers. Nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Pick her favorites, or go for a mix of seasonal blooms for a memorable arrangement.
  2. A box of gourmet chocolates. Indulge her sweet tooth with a selection of hand-crafted chocolates from a local confectioner. She’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness (and deliciousness)!
  3. A piece of stunning jewelry. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, she’s sure to appreciate the sentiment behind a piece of fine jewelry. Just make sure you know her style before making your purchase!
  4. An unforgettable experience. Sometimes the best gifts are those that create lasting memories. Plan an unforgettable date night or weekend getaway and she’ll be swept off her feet all over again!

What A Man’s Kiss Says About His Personality

A man’s kiss can reveal a lot about his personality. A passionate kiss indicates a strong, assertive personality. A playful kiss suggests a fun-loving, easygoing nature. And a gentle kiss is often a sign of a kind and sensitive personality.

So, what does your guy’s kissing style say about him? Here are some tips to help you decode his smooch:

If he kisses you with closed eyes, he’s probably a romantic at heart. This type of guy is likely to be very thoughtful and sensitive. He may not be the most assertive guy in the world, but he’s definitely sweet and loving.

If he kisses you with open eyes, he may be more confident and self-assured. This type of guy knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. He may also be more sexually aggressive than other guys.

If he kisses you lightly on the lips, he could be shy or unsure of himself. This type of guy may need some encouragement to open up and show his true colors. But once he feels comfortable with you, he can be an incredible sweetheart.

If he kisses you deeply and passionately, he’s probably a go-getter who knows what he wants in life – including you! This type of guy is sure of himself and his feelings for you. He’s also likely to be very sexual and attentive

Showing Affection in a PDA-Friendly Way:

In the song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, the narrator is expressing his affection for his partner in a very public way. He is telling her that he doesn’t care if people are looking at them and that he just wants to be close to her. This is a very sweet sentiment, but it can also be difficult to execute in a public setting without being too overwhelming or invading someone’s personal space.

There are a few key things to keep in mind if you want to show your affection in a PDA-friendly way:

  1. Keep it light and gentle. Don’t go for the full-on make-out session or groping; a few light kisses or caresses will do.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. If you’re in a place where PDAs are not welcome, tone it down accordingly.
  3. Respect your partner’s comfort level. Some people are comfortable with more physical affection than others; don’t push them beyond their comfort zone.

Following these simple tips will help you express your affection in a way that is both considerate and enjoyable for both you and your partner.


Lyricists of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” have a way with words that can make even the simplest act feel like an intimate gesture. The lyrics of this song are simple and straightforward, but they are also incredibly romantic. If you are looking for a song to set the mood for a special night with your loved one, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is a perfect choice.