Where is the Monster Hunter Save File Location?

Monster Hunter Save File Location

Where Is the Monster Hunter Save File Location?

Monster Hunter: World is a popular game that requires users to work together with other players to fight monsters in order to complete quests. This article will tell you where the Monster Hunter save file location.

The Monster Hunter is a save file location for the game series of the same name. The location is used to save progress and data for the player’s game. The files stored here include: – Settings- Quests- Characters- Inventory the Monster Hunter save file location is different in each game. For Monster Hunter World, the save file is located in C:\Users\ [user name] \Documents\My Games\Monster Hunter World\.

What is the Monster Hunter?

What is the Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter is an imposing figure, often standing over seven feet tall and clad in heavy armor. They carry massive weapons, usually some kind of sword or axe, and are capable of felling the largest of creatures with a single blow. Despite their fearsome appearance, Monster Hunters are actually quite peace-loving people. They make their living by tracking down and slaying dangerous monsters that pose a threat to society. In doing so, they help to keep the populace safe and protect innocent lives.

Monster Hunters typically work alone or in small groups, as their skills are highly sought after by those who need protection from dangerous creatures. They often travel to remote areas where monster sightings have been reported, in order to track down and eliminate the threat. Despite the dangers they face on a daily basis, Monster Hunters remain some of the bravest and most selfless people in the world.

What is a Save File?

When you complete a game, you are given the option to “save” your game. This records all of your progress up to that point and allows you to resume playing from that same spot at a later time. Your save file is like a checkpoint in the game, and it is stored locally on your Nintendo Switch console. You can have multiple save files for different games, and each file takes up a certain amount of space on your device.

Where is the Monster Hunter Save File Location?

The Monster Hunter save file location is a little different depending on which platform you’re playing on. For PC, the save file is located in your Documents folder, under “My Games” and then “Monster Hunter World”. For PlayStation 4, the save file is located in the Saved Data Management section of the Settings menu. And for Xbox One, the save file is located in the Game DVR section of the Settings menu.

How to Back up Your Save File?

Backing up you’re save file is important in case your Switch console is lost, stolen, or damaged. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect your Switch to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Open the Nintendo Switch folder on your computer. This is usually located in the “My Documents” folder.
  3. Copy the “Nintendo Switch” folder to a safe location on your computers, such as an external hard drive or cloud storage service.
  4. If you ever need to restore your save file, simply copy the “Nintendo Switch” folder back to its original location on your computer and connect your Switch to the computer again using a USB cable.

How to Transfer Save Files?

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed Monster Hunter Rise on your Nintendo Switch, the next step is to transfer your save data from the previous game in the series. The process is pretty simple:

  1. On your Switch, open up the main menu and select “Data Management.”
  2. Select “Save Data” and then choose the option to “Copy Save Data.”
  3. Choose the source game (Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate) and then select the destination game (Monster Hunter Rise).
  4. Confirm that you want to copy the saved data and wait for the process to complete.

And that’s it! Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off in Monster Hunter Rise with all of your progress intact.

Did any updates change the save file location?

The most recent updates to Monster Hunter: World changed the game’s save file location. The new save file location is: C:\Users\ [your user’s name] \Documents\CAPCOM\Monster Hunter World If you had previously been playing the game with an older version, your save files will still be located in the old location. To find your old save files, go to C:\Program Files (x86) \Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\ [your user’s name].


Now that you know where the Monster Hunter Rise save file location is, you can easily transfer your save data to another device or start fresh with a new game. If you’re looking for more tips on how to get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise, be sure to check out our other guides. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!